Tunable White Lighting Solutions for the Classroom

We know that lighting is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about improving a child’s education, but through LED technology advancements classroom lighting can now have a positive impact on student focus, mood and behavior. Continue reading to see how this can make a difference in class.

Tunable White Lighting

What is it?

Tunable White Lighting is an LED lighting solution that will not only save your school in energy costs, but it also has the capability to change color temperature based on the classroom activity. Take a look at the video below to see how a school is using this solution today.

3000K - The Reading setting offers relaxing, warmer light for personal focus tasks

3500K - The Testing setting is a neutral, non-distracting color temperature

4200K - The General setting provides cool, crisp light ideal for collaborations

5000K - The Energy setting is cooler, refreshing light to help combat afternoon

Real Classrooms, Real Teachers

Case Studies and Testimonials

With Tunable White Lighting technology, teachers can “Tune” behavior. For example, the “Energy” color or 5000K, is similar to that of sunlight and is great for morning productivity. The “Testing” color or 3500K, is just warm enough to help students relax before a test but bright enough to keep them focused. This color changing ability has had such a large impact on behavior and focus, that students and teachers have noticed a difference. Watch the video and hear what a teacher and her students had to say about this lighting solution.

Smart and Simple Education Lighting Solutions

nLight® Wired Controls

Easy to install nLight® is a wired, networked control solution that will comply with the most rigorous codes. You can tailor and scale this solution for any space on campus. nLight® enables:

  1. Real-time monitoring of energy, sensors and fixtures
  2. Time based control
  3. Space utilization
  4. Remote management

Along with LED Tunable White lighting, you can achieve extensive energy and cost savings classroom by classroom.

The Science Behind Tunable Light

Research and Studies

Aside from the testimonials, there is science from around the globe to back the Tunable White lighting. The studies below demonstrate how this lighting impacts behavior and focus, thus enhancing student performance. One study out of Norway has also shown that it can benefit the children’s health. Some of these studies have been posted here for you to check out.

Get Tunable Lighting in your Classroom

Acuity Brands® has a long, and strong history of lighting for schools and we are here to help you get the best lighting for you kids and your budget. Learn more about our Tunable White solution and contact an agent today.

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